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Madison Chandler is a porn star form the United States. She was born in Wilson on November 5, 1992. She's a petite blonde haired, blue eyed cutie standing at 5'2". She has both of her nipples pierced as well as her navel. Madison entered the industry in 2011.

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Aug 22, 11:02 am

Madison Chandler gets fucked during her interview
Madison Chandler gets fucked during her interview

Hello everyone, I'm sitting here in the back room waiting for our last applicant to show up for her Back Room Facial (brf11995) interview. She arrives right on time and she's a real cutie. So far, she's two-for-two. Her name is Madison and she really likes fucking. Or at least that was her answer to the first question I asked. Because here at Bangbros we cut right to the chase. Then I ask her if she's wearing panties and she says, yes, with a giggle and lifts up her skirt to show me the hot green panties she's got underneath. I tell her that she has to be ready to fuck any time anywhere and if she's ready to get fucked today. Yes to all the above, and I tell her that I'm going to be taking some pictures of her naked. Apparently she's done a lot of fucking in her personal life so she's not shy. The way she says it in that Southern accent of hers just doubles her cuteness. I have her move her panties to one side to show me her pussy and it looks real nice. Madison tells me that she gets that a lot lol. She also plays with herself a lot using fingers and vibrators. I ask her to pull out her big tits for me and I was pleasantly surprised to see that her nipples were pierced. I then have her pose for some pictures and I could tell right away that she was made for the camera. I have her get completely naked to take some pictures of that big ass of hers as well as some close up shots of that pussy. I then have her finger herself for me and when she's nice and wet, I stick my big cock inside of her. I love the way she moans as I go balls deep inside of her. After I try her mouth, I pound that pussy in a couple more positions before I give her a facial.

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