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Maggie Green was born August 4th, a Michigan girl, blue eyed and blond. At 5'6", her measurements are 34G-29-38 - real, natural breasts at that - and she has a flower tattoo on her right ankle. She's been in the industry since about 2004 but began doing harder content in 2009. Her favorite position is doggie style, which lets her ample and abundant tits swing. Laid back, fun loving and sensual, she enjoys performing on film.

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Jul 26, 12:43 pm

Maggie Green fucks a cock with her big natural tits
Maggie Green fucks a cock with her big natural tits

On Big Tits Round Asses (BTRA11583) we have the ravishing Maggie Green. This buxom beauty is from Michigan and she's happy to be here with us in sunny Miami. While we're talking, she notices me staring at her big natural tits and calls me out on it. I tell her I can't help myself and she starts laughing as she tells me that she's used to it. I ask her if, in that case, she wants to show them off, and she teases me as she pulls her blouse down under them. They look amazing, all snug in her green bra. She bounces them around for me and the way they jiggle really turn me on. I ask her to take off her bra but to keep her shirt on to see how they hang. As Maggie does this, she admits that she doesn't often get that specific request. They look amazing as those hard nipples poke through her blouse. Since we're playing dress up, I have her change outfits and she does so right in front of me. Her huge rack looks amazing as it bulges out of the wife beater I had her put on. Then I get our Bangbros stud, Mirko, to get some oil and squirt some on her. We can see them through her shirt as she rubs the oil on herself. If this was a wet t-shirt contest, she would win, no question. Now that we got her completely naked and oily, Mirko walks over to her and grabs her boobs firmly in his hands as he sucks on her nipples, getting them nice and hard. Then he pulls out his cock and has Maggie deepthroat it as her eyes start to water. She rubs the tip against her nipples before sliding it in between her tits. Mirko fucks her in a couple of positions and makes her cum many times. When he's about to burst, she squeezes her rack together for him to cum all over them.

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