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Malina Milan is an adorable 21 year old that likes to have fun and likes to have sex. Some times she likes to do both and when that happens is when the sparks fly.

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Sep 05, 9:00 am

Ebony babe Malina Milan gets banged on the Bang Bus
Ebony babe Malina Milan gets banged on the Bang Bus

We're here on the Bang Bus (BB10919) and I got a new driver with us today, and the fucker is absolutely lost. I have to give him some directions to head back to the studio to wrap up our long day. It's funny watching him drive because he drives like an old man. Well, he IS an old man, so let's just it makes me feel safe knowing that he's behind the wheel. After about fifteen minutes, he spots a black girl sitting on a bus bench and asks if we should stop. I say, "No, let's just head back," but he's being persistent so I give in and say, "Sure, why not?" He's wiser than I am, so we give it the old college try. We turn around and I roll down my window to talk to her. I salute her and the first thing she asks about is my camera-- and why I'm recording her. I tell her that my friends and I record everything and we saw her sitting there by herself so we were curious. She's waiting for the bus in order to head over to her friend's house. I offer to give her a ride there and we can interview her. The questions are about the future of our generation and the interests that connect us all. That intrigues her and we tell her that we'll interview her and it'll take about 30 minutes, and we'll even pay her for her time. She agrees and hops into the van. I tell her that I'm going to pick up my friend Mirko on the way. We find him and I tell him that we have someone to interview, if he knows what I mean. I ask her a couple of sexual questions and she gets all giggly and shy. She tells us about her boyfriend and the experiences they had together. I convince her to take off her clothes in exchange for more money. She looks amazing. Then I convince her to have sex with Mirko and they go at it as all the cars drive by. She gives him a blowjob before getting fucked in various ways. Then Mirko shoots his load all over her ebony face. In the end, we ditch the hoe. That's how we roll at BangBros!

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