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Latina Mariah Milano aka Mariah Kane aka Mariah Wind aka Gina is an American pornographic actress and nude model that was born in Brooklyn, New York, on December 31, 1979. She began shooting for adult magazines in 1998, a few days after her 18th birthday. Soon after that, she started shooting latin teen porn. In 2006, she got breast implants and that pushed her into the MILF category. To date, she has appeared in over 200 adult films and 30 magazines.

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Jul 07, 10:01 am

Latin MILF Mariah Milano Seduces Young College Student
Latin MILF Mariah Milano Seduces Young College Student

Hot MILF Mariah Milano is preparing herself for a video that she's about to shoot. She is in the bathroom talking to some random asshole on the phone and putting makeup on her face. She is wearing a slutty professional outfit with a bright purple top, and a short miniskirt. Her long black hair is styled straight. A salesman knocks on her door and she goes to check out who it is. The young salesman wants to sell her a subscription to his school newspaper. He is obviously turned on by this MILF because he keeps grabbing his cock. But he is pretty nervous and coy when asked to enter the household. She tells her friend on the phone that she is canceling her plans for the day because something came up. She is enamored with the 20-year-old salesman and she wants his cock! She sits down on the couch next to him and listens to his awful pitch. The newspaper is called Los Scandalous Times. She pretends to have heard about it, and quickly begins to seduce the stud muffin before he can continue rambling on about the coupons and such. She sucks his dick and he can hardly believe his luck. But I bet in the back of his mind he's thinking, "does this mean she'll sign up for a subscription?" In her mind, she's thinking, "why isn't this dick inside of me yet?" Mariah Milano takes off her panties and pulls up her skirt. She sits on the stud's dick without even bothering to put a condom on it first. What was she thinking!? Guess she is too horny to care about safety right now. They fuck hard in multiple positions and in the end, the stud shoots his load on her tongue. Of course, he's still got his eye on the prize, so he inquires about that subscription... and she tells him to come back tomorrow. While kind of disappointing that he has to wait another day, he figures it will at least mean more sex for him, so why not? Thank you for watching this Milf Soup episode ms6699 from BangBros. Tell all your friends where you found it.

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