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Marta La Croft aka Marta Croft aka Alexandra Sivroskya is a nude model, webcam model, and pornographic actress. She was born in Spain on March 18, 1990. She currently lives in Barcelona and works as a personal trainer. As of 2013, her porn career has been documented by photographer Katia Repina in a series titled Llámame Marta. Marta's big tits are enhanced. Her measurements are 42-24-36, she is 5 ft 6 in tall, and weighs in at 128lbs.

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Jul 08, 11:12 am

Big Tits Round Ass Marta La Croft is a Sexy Spanish MILF
Big Tits Round Ass Marta La Croft is a Sexy Spanish MILF

Big Tits Round Ass aka BTRA welcomes the sexy Spanish MILF Marta La Croft to the show for episode btra12249. She barely speaks English, but that doesn't matter because ass and tits are universal. The video starts off with Marta sitting on some stairs talking to the director. She is wearing fishnet shirt, skin-tight pink pants with tears on the sides, and bedazzled high-heel stripper shoes. If you'd see her on the street looking like that, you'd think she was a hooker. But I guess that is par for the course in Spain. She bends over and shows off her wonderful round ass. Her legs are long and slender like a model. She pulls her pants down to reveal her tan, big ass in g-string panties, and it's enough to bring a tear to your eye. That badonkadonk is incredible. She plays with her ass and it jiggles like jell-o. It isn't one of those rock-solid, meaty asses that you see on other girls; this booty is soft to the touch! An old, bald stud shows up to play. He walks up behind her and fondles her titties. She shakes her tits and ass some more while the stud undresses off camera. He returns to get his average sized old man dick sucked by the sultry vixen. She does a pretty damn good job of providing oral pleasure for the senior citizen, and when she is satisfied that the Viagra has gone into full effect, she climbs on top and rides him like a pro. She pops that pussy and bounces her round ass in front of the camera and then takes a break to walk over to the bed. The cameraman follows from behind, filming her butt cheeks as they move up and down with each step. She bends over and the old man shoves his fingers in her pussy. He then takes her doggystyle as she seductively moves her ass in circles on his dick in full control of the action. She sucks his dick a little bit to get a taste of her pussy juice, and then the geriatric dick slinger busts a nut all over her pretty mouth. She swallows some of the cum and rubs her tits for the camera as the video comes to an abrupt

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