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Mason Moore aka Miss Ryder was born in Granada Hills, California, on February 1, 1985. She has fake big tits that are 34E (same as DD) and she is 5'5" tall. Her specialty is bondage porn, and she can often be seen taking multiple cocks at the same time in a double penetration scene. Her measurements are 34-26-34.

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Jun 30, 10:00 am

Big Tits Mason Moore Massage Gets Hot and Heavy
Big Tits Mason Moore Massage Gets Hot and Heavy

Inked up pornstar Mason Moore is on a rooftop doing Yoga on a towel. She is wearing a sporty outfit that includes a sports bra, short shorts, sneakers, and knee-high socks. She kind of looks like one of the prisoners from Orange Is The New Black. I would not fuck with her for fear of getting shanked when I least expect it. At the 1:03 mark, you can hear one of the crew members talk. (Gotta love terrible editing.) The camera focuses on her round ass cheeks a bit. She gets naked and stretches by the pool. We get closeup shots of her fake tits, her thick butt, and her hairless tattooed pussy. She gets a call from her friend, Susan, who recommends that she get a massage and refers a masseuse. Mason takes her up on that and books an appointment. Later that day, the massage therapist shows up. He is swole and ripped. Mason finds him attractive, but is a little skeptical when he asks her to get completely butt-naked for an inspection. The masseuse feels her up to identify problem areas. She has a lot of tension in her neck and shoulders, and her ass. She hops on his massage table and this guy begins to work his magic. He asks her to get on her hands and knees so he can get better access to her hip flex and buttocks. She thinks it is a little weird and unconventional, but she goes along with it. She is then instructed to lay on her back and this guy starts to rub her tits and pussy. She is really skeptical now, but she doesn't get freaked out until he pulls out his dick and rubs it on her hands. Now that she knows what time it is and there is no more ambiguity, she begins to suck on his hard big dick. Her friend Susan must have known she needed some cock, and it turns out she was right. The masseuse slash male gigolo begins to power fuck Mason Moore like a savage and even licks her pussy and ass hole in between thrusts. At one point, she begins to squirt uncontrollably and she gets her juices all over the camera lens. That was pretty cool. She then jumps on top of the stud'

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