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Maya Divine was born on November 12, 1971 in Plant City, Florida. She is 5’6 with blonde hair and green eyes. Maya has appeared in over 131 films, and she is growing strong as one of the hottest MILFs in the industry who is also known as Wendy Divine. Maya has been in porn for about 8 years. Being fun and adventurous, Maya loves new experiences and she strongly believes every minute of life should be appreciated. She has two kitties that she loves to spoil. Maya’s favorite movies include Lord of the Rings and The Punisher. She is bi-sexual, and that means she loves to lick clit and suck cock. There are two heroes in Maya’s life, her husband and her mother. Maya has an insatiable appetite for learning. She is a practitioner of archery. Picturing Maya holding a bow and arrow while wearing a thong-bikini with her ass cheeks hanging out is very sexy. Maya loves to perform lesbian scenes. She has a reputation for continuing the lesbian scenes off camera. Good job Maya!

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September 20, 2016

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