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Mercedes Carrera is a hot Latina with 34DDD big tits. She is from Los Angeles, California, and can take dick like it is nobodies business. She is of German, Lakota, Puerto Rican and Swedish decent. (That is like the perfect recipe for creating pure sexiness.) She has been bisexual for as long as she can remember. Her favorite sexual position is cowgirl, but she loves variation. If you are going to cum anywhere, be sure to do it on her face. She loves it! And she will swallow your load when it is all over with.

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Jun 13, 11:48 am

Big Ass Latina Mercedes Carrera MILF Pussy Wrecked
Big Ass Latina Mercedes Carrera MILF Pussy Wrecked

This Ass Parade video (episode ap14412) opens up with Mercedes Carrera walking around in a tight little shirt and some sexy lace underwear. She is in no hurry, which is great because all I want to do look at her ass move up and down as she gets around the kitchen. This is apparently the first shoot she has ever done for BangBros, which makes it super special. She introduces herself as a half Puerto Rican / half Amazing Latin slut, and she tells the director about her ultimate porn fantasy: an international / around-the-world gangbang bukkake scene. She elaborates and claims she wants to work with, like, 5 or 6 male talent from all over the world, and she wants this scene to take place on a rooftop. The director informs her that there are over 300 countries in the world, and she says that she'd be fine with one guy from each continent. This chick obviously knows her geography because, while there are 7 offical continents in the world, you can easily remove Antarctica from that list (because nobody is actually from there), and you can combine Europe and Asia into one since it is essentially all connected. Shit, did you ever think you would learn something new from a porn description? LOL. But I digress... Mercedes continues to show off her big butt. She strips down and tries on some new outfits. 20 minutes late, she makes her way over to the couch where an eager stud is waiting to fondle and worship her ass. He is very pleased with his assignment today, and appears to be head over heels for Mercedes. She sucks his two-toned big dick and titty fucks him in a POV angle. He then climbs on top and begins jamming his cock in her shaved Boricuan snatch. She gets fucked in multiple positions on the couch and gets a cumshot to the face. The messy facial was very satisfying for her, and she just leaves it there until the end of the movie.

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