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Me and a black guy I am an equal opportunity pleaser! Here are a few high quality photos of me and this hot black fellow with some washboard abs and a nice big cock too!
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Do you kno who has 2 thumbs and likes big cocks? This girl! I am Mia Khalifa and this is my official Xpage website. Many of you may remember me from my days as tattoo on fantasy island where I helped make dreams come true for nice vacationers. Actually, there is a chance I may be mistakenly remembering a dream I had the other night. Anyhoo, I am pretty sure that I am that girl from the middle east who the news and everyone made a big old fuss about when I did a few adult videos. But hey, what the fuck, right? I can fuck whoever I want, that is what freedom is all about. I didn't make myself these big tits just to hide them forever in an argyle sweater while watching socially acceptable television programming and not having sex unless I plan to procreate! Chill out...continues

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