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Miley May aka Miley Mae aka Caroline Cross is a sexy American pornographic actress that bears a striking resemblance to a notorious twerking celebrity. Unlike said celebrity, Ms. May has a nice round ass. She was born in 1994, the same year that Forrest Gump and The Lion King came out in theaters. Her hometown is Nashville, Tennessee.

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Jun 16, 1:24 pm

PAWG Celebrity Look-alike Miley May Hardcore Porn
PAWG Celebrity Look-alike Miley May Hardcore Porn

Miley May came into this BangBros PAWG (perfect ass white girl) porn video like a wrecking ball. She showed off her ass, we chained our hearts in vain. We jerked off never asking why. We made a huge mess and fell under her spell. A lust no one could deny. Don't you ever say we just watched another video. We will always want you. We can't live a lie, watching other pornstars. We will always want you. Miley May came in like a wrecking ball. We never hit so hard in lust. All I wanted was to play with my balls. All she ever did was give me an erection. Yeah, she, she gave me an erection. Because her ass is fucking amazing. She is a straight up whooty (a white girl with a booty)--southern bred, southern fed. She has hipster glasses and a Where's Waldo sweater. Underneath her shorts, she is wearing a white thong that makes her butt cheeks look incredible. She jiggles it a bit and then molests a stuffed animal. Mike Adriano is standing by watching this whole fiasco. His desire for ass has spiked through the roof and he can no longer contain himself. He dives in for a rimjob and licks Miley's butt hole clean as a whistle. She enjoys every second of it! She sucks his dick and massages it with her tongue ring. She then climbs aboard and rides him like a true pornstar. Her cute face, blue eyes and hipster glasses really look great on her. She is super hot, but has a bit of a nerdy vibe that works well for me. When Mike is done fucking her, he puts his dick in her face and shoots a giant load in her mouth. But her is just too nice and he wants to go for one more nut. She puts his dick back inside her pussy and gets himself close again. For a second time, he nuts inside Miley's mouth. She swallows both times. What a fucking slut!

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