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Misty Stone aka Misti Stone aka Jenny Stone is an American pornstar that entered the adult industry in 2006 and has been in over 300 movies. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in December 2014. Her iconic afro-centric '70s afro was inspired by actress Pam Grier. She is an outspoken advocate for equal pay in the adult industry. When Misty was younger, she considered herself a tomboy. If you challenge her to a game of basketball, you might lose because she used to play ball in high school. In 2013, she voiced a character in the game Grand Theft Auto V.

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Jun 17, 12:05 pm

Misty Stone Gets Her Tight Pussy Hammered with Cock
Misty Stone Gets Her Tight Pussy Hammered with Cock

Everyone's favorite black pornstar, Misty Stone, loves herself some big Latin dick. She paid a visit to the BangBros studios to get her hands on one. She showed up in short shorts, putting her long skinny legs on display. Her hair is frizzy, and her smile is infectious. She is excited that the shoot takes place on a mountain. She apparently likes the outdoors and wants to go for a hike! The house they are shooting at is surrounded by nature. There is a treestump chair out front that grabs Misty's attention. She wants one of those for herself. Speaking of wood, the cameraman and Misty Stone head indoors to meet up with Alex, the stud. He is dressed to impress with a longsleeve shirt and some nice jeans. Misty is super excited and pulls out his cock right away. She jams that log down her throat and goes to town. She deepthroats and gags on his cock. Alex rubs some oil onto her ass cheeks. She sits on top of his dick and takes a hard pounding. She gets so fucked that one of her hoop earrings falls off. She moans and starts talking dirty. Alex has a rock hard erection and is showing Misty Stone's pussy no mercy. He pulls out his dong and aims it towards her face. He gives her a cumshot that primarily lands in her mouth. She swallows some of it and plays with the rest. She laughs and almost gets some on the director's shoes. Can you imagine getting some other guy's jizm on your shoes? That would not be fun. Unless you're into that. The director was not into it. Misty asks for a napkin to clean up the mess on her face and that's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this full length free porn video (bkb7906) from the world famous Brown Bunnies website.

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