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Moretta Coxxx aka Moretta Cox is a petite blonde pornstar from California. She was born on January 4, 1991, which makes her a Capricorn. Weighing in at only 90lbs, Moretta is what you might call a "spinner". She has piercings on her nipples and her clit, and tattoos on her bikini line and above her left breast. Some people mistake her for Piper Perri, and it is easy to see why. They look pretty similar. She has been working in the industry since 2010.

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Jun 22, 2:16 pm

Moretta Cox Petite Pale Blonde with Braces Blowojb XXX
Moretta Cox Petite Pale Blonde with Braces Blowojb XXX

Tiny Moretta Cox is waiting by the pool for her closeup. The cameraman shows up with his buddy, Mojito (yes that is really his name), and introduces him to Moretta. Moretta is skinny and petite, with braces and her nipples pierced. The cameraman assures his pal that she is legit, with a nice pussy and great cock sucking skills. Mojito is super excited and can't wait to get started. They walk into the backyard to meet the woman of the hour. Introductions are made and she gets naked fast to reveal her wafer-thin frame. Mojito can't wait to fuck her. He inserts his half-hard dick in her mouth and she patiently works his shaft, getting him hard as a rock. She licks his hairless balls and gets the dick all sloppy with spit. Mojito comments that she has a magic mouth. She doesn't talk much, which is pretty great because starlets this age never really have anything interesting to anyway. Moretta is like a much cuter Piper Perri with better dick sucking skills, IMHO. And yes, her pussy is as nice as described. The ditzy blonde really gets into the blowjob and starts jerking off Mojito while she bobs her head up and down like a chicken-head ho. Mojito can't believe his luck. He is actually getting paid to have this young, innocent-looking whore to slob on his knob. It is a much better job than working at McDonald's, that's for sure. The cameraman instructs Mojito to shoot his load all over Moretta's pale white face. Mojito happily obliges and delivers his cumshot as directed. Moretta Coxxx spits the cum out onto her small tits and smiles at the camera. The end.

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