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Beautiful redhead goddess Nessa was born in San Francisco, California on May 9, 1976. She spent most of her life working at her family business. When she turned 19 she started dancing and stripping just for fun. She was first introduced in the adult industry at the age of 30. Although she has been around for more than 2 years now, Neesa has a short filmography to her name. She likes to keep her personal life private. However we do know for a fact that this hot MILF is a sex-toy addict, she loves to watch porn, and is totally into young men.

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Jul 27, 12:29 pm

Busty redhead masseuse Neesa sucks a big cock
Busty redhead masseuse Neesa sucks a big cock

Today on Milf Soup (ms2876), Neesa the redhead massage therapist with big tits is getting ready for her next client. He's in for a lucky treat. Not only is he getting a rub down on a balcony with an amazing view, he's going to have a gorgeous babe put her hands all over him. All she's wearing is a silk robe that the wind seems to be trying to take off. Her client arrives and she lays him face down on the massage table with a towel over him. She puts oil on her hands and begins to work his back. Once she's done, she pulls off his towel, leaving him completely naked, and starts working on his lower back. She gets up on the table to make it easier and her hands work his butt cheeks. She starts to get turned on and takes off her robe. All she has on underneath is a bra, panties, and a stunning figure. Her bra starts to fall off the more she works his body and it's just barely clinging onto her big tits. Then she turns him around and starts caressing his cock. She grabs it in one hand and starts to stroke it and she can feel it getting harder as she does. Then she puts it in her mouth and starts to give him a blowjob. Neesa takes off her bra and wraps his cock around her tits. Then she jerks him off until he cums all over himself. Then she says goodbye and gets ready for the next client. She repeats the process over again, except she uses both hands this time to make him cum. Now client number three is the one she pulls out all the stops for. In the middle of the massage, the client gets up and starts to rub her down. She lets him put his hands all over her before putting his cock inside her. They fuck in multiple positions right there on the balcony and it ends with her on her knees and taking a huge facial, Bangbros style.

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