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Parker Page is a JAP = Jewish American Pornstar. Her measurements are 34B-28-38. She was born on June 13, 1992, in Colorado, USA. She has fake tits, and piercings on her tongue and naval. At only 5'6" and 117lbs, she's pretty easy to handle in bed.

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Jun 29, 12:58 pm

Latina Teen Parker Page Fucked by Brick Danger
Latina Teen Parker Page Fucked by Brick Danger

This BangBros18 video opens up with the infamous Brick Danger on a balcony overlooking the streets of Downtown Miami. He has been waiting all morning for this, he says. What has he been waiting for? A piece of Latina teen Parker Page, that's what. She is on the balcony as well, around the corner, with her face covered in stripper makeup. It looks like she is trying to appear older than she is for some reason. Brick, looking like Artie (The Strongest Man In The World), makes his way over to the Hispanic beauty and starts sucking on her tits while grabbing her fat ass. Tired of all the construction and siren noise outdoors, he picks her up and brings her inside the condominium. The action continues on the couch. Parker Page gets on her knees and takes Brick's thick brick in her big mouth. She does a decent job of sucking dick, but her inexperience clearly shows. She gets on top of Mr. Danger and puts his thin white snake in her hairless chocha. She rides his cock like a pro and almost beats it into submission. The stud's pale, hairy body is sharply contrasted against Parker's tan, olive skin. It looks kind of weird at first, but you get used to it after a while. Parker's juicy ass and legs make Brick's dick look like a pencil. She seems to be enjoying herself, though. Either that, or she's a really talented actress. I'm going to go with my former assumption. When Brick is done slinging dick, he cums all over Ms. Page's face and sends her home with a free facial on the house... The BRICK house. Oh, my, that was a terrible pun. My apologies, people. Thanks for watching this full-length free porn video from Bang Bros -- episode bbe11967.

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