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Pressley Carter aka Ariel Lee is an American pornstar who was born in Kentucky on August 30, 1991. She is 5 ft 1 in and weighs in at 99lbs. Her tits are 34B.

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Nov 27, 9:48 am

Young Pressley Carter Gives a Handjob and Sucks Dick
Young Pressley Carter Gives a Handjob and Sucks Dick

I guarantee you BangBros fans out there that you will fall in love with Pressley Carter. She makes an appearance on Tugjobs (hj10871) to show off her amazing handjob skills. She is in the backyard of some beautiful mansion in the Hollywood hills, playing with her long brown hair. Her round face is glowing in the sun. She is wearing a striped tanktop and cut off jean shorts. Her sky blue bra is showing through. There is a fountain behind her with a steady stream of water that is very soothing. A stud emerges and sits on a giant purple chair that happens to be outside in the yard. It is the kind of lawn furniture you would expect to see at Prince's house. (Wait a minute, is this Prince's house!?) She takes off her top and shows off her nice, round tits. They're not huge, but they look good on her slim face. She drops to her knees and starts tugging on the cock while talking to the cameraman. She smacks the against her tits and spits on it. She even licks the tip to get it nice and wet. She uses both hands on that penis and continues to spit on it. Every now and then, she puts it in her mouth again. Her teeth are askew and she has a tongue ring. She could be your next door neighbor. The hairy stud stands up and she keeps doing her thing. She even sucks one of his nuts just to let him know what's up. This girl really likes to spit. She's a total freak. Her nickname is "The Camel". No it isn't. But it should be. She jerks him off as he cums all over her hands. She seems pretty pleased with herself, too. When is the last time you got a good handjob and/or blowjob like this one? For me, it's been a while. I'm going to have to go handle my business after watching this amazing clip.

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