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Puma Swede was born in September 13, 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden where she grew up hanging out in stables and riding horses. Her first job was as a computer sales associate, soon after she began doing nude modeling for different magazines in Sweden. This hot blonde always loved attention and the porn industry was the perfect way to get noticed. In 2004 she moved to California and began working in porn. Now she is one of the hottest and most successful porn stars in the industry.

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Jul 28, 12:30 pm

Puma Swede gets her big tits massaged and fucked
Puma Swede gets her big tits massaged and fucked

On this episode of Porn Star Spa (pos10933), big tits blonde, Puma Swede, was in need of a massage and decided to try a new company. A friend of hers had recommended them after getting a rub down there herself. It turns out that they can send the masseuse to your home to do the massage there if you'd like. He knocks on the door of her hotel room and she lets him in. She helps him assemble the table as they make small talk about different kinds of massages. Puma is from Sweden and she asks if he knows what a Swedish massage is, but he does not. She's happy to teach him and he laughs as he gets himself ready. He has her sit down on the table and they go over what parts of her body are troubling her so he knows what are to focus on the most. Now he's going to give her some privacy so she can get naked and cover herself up with the towel. She's laying face down as he squirts oil on her back and begins to rub it in with both of his hands. Once he's down her back and legs, he moves to her ass. She tells him that he would make more money massaging in Europe since people are more comfortable being naked there. When she was in Thailand, she got a massage just like this on the beach. He removes her towel and goes all the way up and down her back. Then she turns around and he can't help but look at her big tits and get a hard-on. She can see it through his shorts and tells him to come closer and begins feeling it. Puma tells him that if it's her tits that turn him on, then keep massaging those and she'll massage his cock. She takes off his shorts and begins giving him a blowjob. Then they fuck in many positions on and around the massage table until she begs him to feed her his cum. When he's about to shoot his load she gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide. He shoots his load in her mouth and it drips off her tongue onto her tits. She sucks him dry and rubs the rest of it on her tits with the oil.

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