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I'm Davy, a Filipino with a slight southern accent. I`m a heartbreaker with the looks of a saint, a paintball gunslinger that plays like a pro, an artist whose hardest critic is himself, I`m picky because I know what I want, I sometimes say the wrong things because I can, the Iron Chef asked me for my Ra-mein recipe, I could take credit for being the only guy to ever burn instant mashed potatoes, I shower everyday, I`ve got moves like Jagger, I could summon Chuck Norris if someone were to push the wrong buttons, I don`t play WOW but I can `geek out`, I work out because I`m tired of saving up years of broken resolutions, I drive a car like I stole it, I curse because I`m fucking honest, I had a higher GPA than my Valedictorian, I`m so sweet I can make you diabetic, I...continues
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