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Six was born and raised in Riverside, California. Six started modeling at the age of two and tried for a mainstream modeling career, which did not materialize because she did not reach the minimum height to be considered. Six planned to become a pediatric nurse prior to her adult film career. She attended dental assisting school and nursing school until December 2011. She is also a former gymnast and cheerleader. Rikki originally wore a 34A bra, but after breast augmentation surgery with 545cc saline implants she now wears a 34DD bra.

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Jul 30, 2:42 pm

Big tits Rikki Six gets a creampie for Bangbros
Big tits Rikki Six gets a creampie for Bangbros

Today on Big Tits Cream Pie (BTCP10796) we have the drop dead gorgeous Rikki Six. Once I start the camera rolling, I ask her how long we've known each other but she doesn't remember me. I had shot a scene of her previously and when I give her the details her eyes light up and she remembers exactly who I am. I don't hold it against her, she was really busy sucking dick that day. This is her first shoot for Bangbros and she's only been in the business for three months. If only we could have gotten her three months ago, but she's here now. She's got amazing long legs and, with her big tits, blonde hair, and gorgeous face, she's an absolute bombshell. Her first shoot was in Mexico and she was there for two weeks. It turns out it was really boring because they wouldn't let her leave the hotel. We have her stand up and pose for us as we continue talking. She was a stripper before she got into porn so she's not a shy girl at all. Rikki Sixx lifts up her shirt and it rests perfectly on top of her huge rack. She likes to surf and wakeboard in her free time and runs for exercise. Her boobs are so big that she has to sleep in a sports bra. We get her completely naked and she shows off her pussy for us. We can tell how tight it is just by looking at it. We sit her down on the couch and give her a vibrator to start off with. The way she moans is so adorable as her pussy gets wet. Then we have her big tits played with before our male talent sticks his cock down her throat. Her eyes start to water as she starts gagging on it. Then Rikki gets fucked in many positions and cums multiple times. When she's had enough, the huge cock she's been fucking gets drained entirely inside her pussy.

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