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Roxanne Rae is a Porn Star from the United States. She was born in Trenton on December 7, 1993. She entered the porn industry in 2012. She's a raven haired beauty with piercings on her tongue, hips, and navel. She also has tattoos on her upper back, lower back, and red lips tattooed on the right side of her neck. So sexy.

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Sep 04, 9:00 am

Teen Roxanne Rae enjoys a big black cock creampie
Teen Roxanne Rae enjoys a big black cock creampie

Today on Bangbros we have 19-year-old Roxanne Rae with us today for Monsters of Cock (MC11558) and she is a sassy little number. She's ready to fuck and isn't shy at all. I keep teasing that she is, though, and I keep calling her the wrong name. I tell her that a nice way for us to break the ice is for her to show us her nipples. Then I have her get on her hands and knees on the bed so she can show me her. I have her move her panties over to one side so we can take a good look at her pussy. She's got some big pussy lips and any guy that gets to suck on those is in for a treat. I ask her what her favorite position is and she tells me it's missionary. I didn't expect a traditional girl. We have Jack waiting downstairs with his big black cock and Roxanne is ready to get wrecked so we go down to the first floor. They get right down to it and Roxanne gets on her knees and takes his cock out of his shorts. This is the first black cock she's ever had and is surprised by how big it is. Well that's the reason it's called Monsters of Cock. She starts sucking his dick and when she deepthroats she almost makes the whole thing disappear. She's determined and she tries a couple of times until her eyes start watering. It's her first black cock so she can't beat herself up too much. Then they get completely naked and she's nervous about it going into her tight teen pussy. It stretches her out good and she's amazed at how it hurts and Jack's only got the tip in so far. He slowly gets in balls deep and they get a good rhythm going. She loves every second of it. He pounds her in multiple positions as she screams with pleasure. In the end, Jack shoots his load in her pussy as she lies on the couch exhausted.

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