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Sabrina Banks aka Emma Williamson is an American pornstar that was born in Florida on March 8, 1995. She has blue eyes and black hair, and several piercings and tattoos. Her 32B tits are natural and small. She is only 5'7".


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Jun 26, 10:53 am

Teen with Blue Eyes Sabrina Banks Full Length Free Porn
Teen with Blue Eyes Sabrina Banks Full Length Free Porn

Sabrina Banks is a blue-eyed teen from Tampa, Florida, USA. She is only 19 years old. Her body is slim and sexy. She is wearing a youthful, colorful outfit that includes a small sporty top, a school girl style skirt, and a pink thong. Her jewelry is colorful and immature. She tells us that she has tried and enjoyed anal sex, and that the oldest guy she's fucked was in his 50s. When she takes her clothes off, we get to admire her fresh, smooth body. Her skin is flawless and glowing. She has light blonde hairs on her stomach and legs. Her pussy is cleanly shaved. She bends over and pulls her small ass cheek apart for the camera. Her ass looks incredible. Sabrina Banks has small tits and tiny nipples, but they look amazing on her. She has her naval pierced and several tattoos that indicate she is a naughty little girl. The camera pans to the right, and seemingly out of nowhere, a naked stud appears on the couch with his big dick fully erect and ready for action. Sabrina makes her way over and begins sucking the ugly, two-toned cock right away. She has obviously been sucking dick for many years, given her confidence level and deep throating abilities. They pour some oil on her pussy and the hung male talent drives his huge hog deep inside of her. His hairless balls slap against her clit while she moans loudly and enjoys herself. There is a nice POV doggystyle angle that highlights how nice and pretty Sabrina Banks's ass hole is. A few positions later, the Neanderthal-esque stud pulls out and shoots his load all over Sabrina Banks's face. As far as cumshot facials are concerned, this one was pretty decent. He made quite a mess and that's the way we all lik it. Hope you enjoyed this full length free porn, episode bbe14425 from BangBros18.

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