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Sara Monroe AKA Izzy Taylor is an all natural blonde fun sized beauty standing at 5'4". This Southern girl was born in Birmingham, Alabama in January 26, 1990. She entered the industry in 2011.

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Nicole Aniston, Vanessa Cage and Sara Monroe in an Orgy
Nicole Aniston, Vanessa Cage and Sara Monroe in an Orgy

Nicole Aniston, Vanessa Cage, and Sara Monroe are at the supermarket looking for ginger snaps with Shooter behind the camera . The three blondes spot a hunk they like and two of them go to flirt with him. It turns out he's there with his friend and they have ginger snaps back at their place. The gang wants to go investigate that situation so they all agree to go back with them. These guys live in a big house. One of them is a stock trader or some shit. The girls are pretty sure they want to fuck these guys, so Shooter steps up the pressure. One of the guys pulls his dick out and it is flaccid. One of the girls puts it in her mouth and sucks it until it gets hard. The other dude is excited so he takes off his clothes to get a piece of the action. They're not particularly hung, but they've got the balls to get naked in front of the camera, so they deserve the sweet pussy that they're getting. Two guys and three girls... It's like they won the lotto. These girls have big tits and nice asses. They are proper pornstars, indeed, and they're training these guys how to fuck like legit studs. You can tell by the smiles on their faces that they're having a good time. One guy cums on a girl's ass, the other cums on a girl's stomach. The girls are happy, the guys are happy. Everybody wins. Don't you just love a happy ending?

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