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XXX video of mother and two sisters sucking cock
XXX video of mother and two sisters sucking cock

Sexy blonde teen Ember is at home sucking her boyfriend’s cock while her mom and sister are out shopping. He sits on the sofa completely naked, enjoying the deep throat blowjob from his slutty girlfriend. Ember loves gobbling dick and wants it in her mouth every chance she gets. The door slams but the young slut don't budge, she keeps sucking his dick even when her mom and sister walk in the door. Her mom, Bridgett Lee, and teen Nik catch her on her knees and can’t believe she’s sucking his cock in front of them and not even stopping. Her sister gets pissed off but her pussy starts getting wet form watching the blowjob. Bridgett keeps referring to his cock as big and jumps in telling her to let her get some to show her how its done. Ember is pissed that her mom is sucking her boyfriend’s cock and the sisters start arguing about the cock, too. Bridgett gives her daughter back the dick and she sucks it like a champ. Her little sister Nik starts rubbing his leg while Ember and mom take turns blowing his cock. Both sisters start masturbating while mom is slowing his dick and before you know it little Nik comes to get a piece of the meat. She sucks his dick the best she can until mom takes back over and the lucky boyfriend busts a load in her mom's mouth.

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