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Sofia Nix is a goddess that could only have been born and bred in the beautiful country of Colombia. That ass moves so nice when she walks. Up and down, left to right. Shaking what her momma gave her. I don't know, but there's something in the water because that ass is fat! She was born on March 5, 1989 and she stands at 5'6" tall. She joined the industry in 2013.

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Aug 31, 10:57 am

Latina Sofia Nix shows off her big tits before sex
Latina Sofia Nix shows off her big tits before sex

Today the Bangbros crew is in the jungles of Colombia where the most beautiful women in the world are made. We have an absolutely delicious Colombian girl named Sofia Nix on Colombia Fuck Fest (CFF12911) who does some jumping jacks for us. Her big tits pop out of her sports bra as she does this and it's a glorious sight. Then I have her do some squats so she can stick out that big ass of hers. I ask her to pull down her shorts so we can take a closer look. We go for a jog and I try to keep up but I'm not made for exercise at this altitude. When we get back, Sofia is still full of energy and shakes that booty for us before we go into the shade. While she drinks from her bottle of water, I can't help but get a closeup of those rock hard abs of hers. I have her get completely naked and I have my buddy play with her magnificent boobs. She flashes that beautiful smile of hers as homie goes to town. Next, I have her give him a lapdance and then she gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob. She sucks that cock real well before putting a condom on him like a pro. She sits that big Latina booty on his dick and takes it for a spin. Sofia loves reverse cowgirl and bounces up and down hard and fast. Then she gets pounded doggystyle against a pillar as she moans with pleasure and says things in Spanish that I can't understand but you can probably have some idea what she means. I get a good shot of her from the side and the way those tits flop back and forth with every thrust is nothing short of amazing. She rides his cock again before getting on her knees and letting him give her a facial.

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