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Mr. Young thrives on putting his job applicants in strange situations. His favorite thing to do is interrupt an interview for "relaxation time" where his secretary basically shows up to give him a regularly scheduled handjob--in front of the interviewee! You will just have to watch the action unfold to believe it.

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Sep 08, 8:00 am

Ginger watches boss get handjob during job interview
Ginger watches boss get handjob during job interview

Ginger Lee was looking forward to this job interview because she really wanted a job that was closer so to home in order to avoid traffic and improve her commute. She walks into the building and is greeted by Mrs. Lopez, the head of HR. She takes Ginger to Mr. Young's office because he will be the one conducting the interview. She sits Ginger down and goes to get Mr. Young. While Ginger calmly waits, she goes over her resume and plays with her hair. When Mr. Young walks in, he's very polite and introduces himself before sitting down. Ginger hands over her resume. He reads it over and asks her about her secretary experience and she says that she was a secretary in a veterinary office for almost two years. He asks her why she's no longer working there and she says it's because she wanted to work somewhere closer to home. He can definitely understand that and, before he gets another word out, his secretary walks in apologizing for the interruption. She tells him that it's time for his afternoon relaxation time. It caught Mr. Young by surprise. He can't believe he forgot, but it is his favorite time of day so he happily gets up and pulls down his pants and boxers. He sits back down and Ginger is surprised at how nonchalant he is. She asks if this is going to be happening throughout her interview. He replies, yes, and tells her how important his relaxation time is because his doctor recommended it. His assistant strokes his hard cock while Ginger watches. Mister Young grabs onto the arm rests of his chair and he ends up shooting his load all over himself. His assistant cleans him up before he puts his pants back on and sits back down. He asks Ginger where they left off, but Ginger decides she doesn't want to work there after all. She gets up and leaves. Oh, well. Maybe the next interviewee will work out.

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