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Stevie Hart is a tiny little half-white, half-Puerto Rican babe from Boston, MA. She’s petite standing short at 5 ft 2 in. She has tattoos and piercings on her slim, natural body. She was born on May 13, 1985. Her tits are a respectable 34D, and both of her nipples are pierced.

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Nov 22, 9:25 am

Petite Stevie Hart Enjoys Anal Sex with Big Dick Stud
Petite Stevie Hart Enjoys Anal Sex with Big Dick Stud

Stevie Hart is on Big Mouthfuls (bmf5840) today and it is going to blow your mind and your load. A guy is on his phone. He is on the phone with Stevie wondering where she is. She arrives in good time, though, and she is on a scooter with a plastic bag covering her golden locks. She is wearing a white tanktop, short green shorts that say "Winner", green Adidas, and green striped socks. She looks like she is from the 70s or something. Her body is slim and petite. Her skin is ivory-white with a bit of a tan. She takes off her top to reveal slightly saggy natural b-cup tits with pierced nipples. She has a lot of large tattoos on her back and ribcage. When her shorts and panties come off, we see a slightly pale pair of butt cheeks that is surprisingly round for a skinny girl. The stud is not fucking around. He gets right to it and aggressively gropes her. He eats her hairless, shaved pussy as she moans in a girly voice. She returns the oral favor by putting his big dick in her mouth. She cannot fit it all in her mouth, although she appears to try. She wraps both of her hands around the giant phallus and it looks like she could fit at least 2 or 3 more of her hands on there. She lies on her back and the stud begins to fuck her. She yells loudly with each thrust as her breasts bounce around; the right tit rotating clockwise and the left rotating counter-clockwise. She is loud but cute. Her face is pretty and blemish-free. Her nose is pierced which gives her a bit of a gypsy look. What can make this BangBros shoot better? How about some anal sex? Yep, this full-length free porn movie has that, too. With plenty of lube up in that ass, homie slides his monster cock deep in her anal cavity. She struggles to take the cock but she likes it enough to want to continue getting her fudge packed in multiple positions. My favorite view is when she rides the pole in reverse cowgirl. Her body looks amazing. After a few more positions, she jerks his cock off while he ejaculates all over

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