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Suzan is a Colombian pornstar that has appeared in BangBros videos. She is an amateur with no real online presence beyond that. She has natural tits and wonderfully tan skin.

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Nov 17, 8:03 am

Latina Gets Her Colombian Pussy Stretched by American
Latina Gets Her Colombian Pussy Stretched by American

Suzana is a sexy Latina with a big ass. This South American amateur hails from Colombia ad the BangBros crew invited her over to their hotel room for a Colombia Fuck Fest shoot (cff12824). Suzana was all too excited to go along for the ride. She wanted to have her juicy ass squeezed, and her perky tits fondled. She wanted a cock in her mouth and her pussy, and that is exactly what she got. She's outdoors showing off her pussy. It is shaved and tiny. It looks so tight and delicious. The male talent dives in for cunnilingus and eats her out like a beast. She returns the favor by sucking his big dick. They don't talk much. There may be a language barrier here, but making love is a universal language so they both know what's up. She then climbs on top of him and begins slamming her ass cheeks on his wrapped up pecker. Her jiggly butt cheeks might hypnotize you, so you better hold on to something other than your dick while you wank off, just in case you are about to fall off of your chair in a trance. The attractive couple bump uglies for a bit while the birds chirp in the background. They're essentially in a jungle here. (Can you imagine some staffer walking past thee patio at this very moment? That would be a good day for him or her. When I was a room service waiter back in the day, I saw plenty of people fucking at my resort. Rich Europeans are savages. They did not give any fucks. Those were good times... But I digress!) Suzan drops to her knees and prepares herself for the facial. The stud cums all over her face and she enjoys every second of it. She smiles and thanks him for that good loving. He made quite a mess on her face. That is going to require a lot of soap to get out.

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