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Hey guys? You must know who I am because my cute face is plastered all over the internet lol. One out of ever 10 porn ads features my content, or so it seems. I was a teen when I filmed most of those videos. I am not as active in the industry today, but I still keep in contact with the producers. Who knows, I may make a comeback. If I do, you will hear about it on this page. So make sure to add me to your friends list. And if you ever need any advice for what computer to buy, hit me up. I am pretty knowledgeable about all that stuff. I am pretty AND smart... the total package hehe.

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May 26, 3:43 pm

Teen Tessa Taylor Visits Everglades & Wrestles Python
Teen Tessa Taylor Visits Everglades & Wrestles Python

Infamous blonde teen Tessa Taylor visits the Bang Bus all the way from Colorado. You may recognize her cute little face from banner ads that appear all over the internet. Her innocence and gullibility will drive you wild. They drive her to the Everlades, show her some alligators, and then hop back on the bus to show her a giant python. This python is friendly, though, and they offer her cash money to suck and fuck it. Does she accept? Of course she does! She grinds that tight teenager body all over our stud's big dick and takes a cumshot to the face and chest.

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