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Vanessa Sixxx is a sexy, skinny pornstar with small and natural 32B tits. She is from Texas and was born in 1991. She is known for dressing like a schoolgirl. Her petite body--she is only 5 feet tall--works well to maintain the illusion that she is a teenager.

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Jun 28, 10:02 am

Vanessa Sixxx Fucks & Swallows Cum on Big Mouthfuls
Vanessa Sixxx Fucks & Swallows Cum on Big Mouthfuls

BangBros cameraman Marco meets up with Vanessa Sixxx on Miami Beach for a Big Mouthfuls shoot (episode bmf10753). It is her first time in Florida and she is really excited to be there. Her body is skinny, but fit and toned. She says she loves to run and workout, and it shows. Her physique looks great in her revealing outfit--a small top and short shorts with high heel shoes. She tells us she is from Houston, TX, and that she likes R&B and swallowing cum. They head up to a nearby condominium to escape the heat and the growing crowd of perverts that wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The interview continues and she goes on about how she loves the adult industry and she is very sexual, albeit somewhat reserved. Marco asks her to remove her clothes, and before you know it a hairy Latin stud shows up to get his big cock sucked. Vanessa delivers and gives an AVN award-worthy blowjob performance. The male talent puts on a condom and starts fucking Vanessa on the couch. In the background, you can see the Miami skyline from the balcony of this penthouse suite. The stud puts his finger in Vanessa's ass hole and twirls it around. Apparently she likes it because she starts going wild and fucking more aggressively. Vanessa sucks her pussy juices off of his cock and they continue to fuck. She seems to be having a really great time and is totally into it. The stud pulls his dick out one last time and gives her a cumshot to the face. She happily gathers the cum on her tongue and swallows every last drop. I guess she wasn't lying about liking to swallow! Hope you enjoyed this full-length free porn video from Bang Bros!

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