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Vixen aka Vixen Vogel aka Vixen Tingdale is a Caucasian American from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a Pisces who was born on March 18, 1985. She is a redhead with blue eyes and natural 36C tits. She is no longer active in the porn industry, but she had a good run and made a lot of people very happy.

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Nov 16, 8:00 am

Super Ramon Fucks Redhead with His Infamous Big Cock
Super Ramon Fucks Redhead with His Infamous Big Cock

In this remastered version of the BangBros classic Monsters of Cock (rm10707), we are hanging out with the curvaceous and bootylicious Irish redhead, Vixen, and her infamous co-star, Ramon. Ramon is feeling silly, so he's dressed up in his best Superman cosplay and he is calling himself Super Ramon. The dude looks completely fucking ridiculous but it is hilarious nonetheless. Vixen is sexy. Her skin is pale, her pussy is pink with some red hair on it, and she has freckles on her sexy face. She pulls Ramon's big dick out of his outfit, makes a funny facial expression, and then begins to suck it. She does a pretty good job sucking that huge rod, too. Ramon is really enjoying himself. You can tell by looking at his goofy trademarked smile. But he cannot take it any longer. The blowjob feels too damn good. So he shoves his XXL Cuban cigar in her snatch and she grinds on it. She then sucks his dick some more before he proceeds to pound the hell out of her on the couch. He even shoves it into her tight ass hole at one point to enjoy some anal sex. She bends upside down and Ramon piles drives her taint, packing her fudge nice and deep. He stretches both of her holes as she moans seductively and struggles to take the D. Ramon puts the ginger babe on her knees and cums all over her mouth. The firecrotch licks the hot jizm off of his 3rd leg like a trooper and leaves it nice and clean. Just like that, it is over. Did y'all enjoy this one as much as I did? If so, holler at me. I have more classic Ramon porn that I might share if there is enough interest.

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