Norah Nova fucks a guy at a private boutique


Description: Nora Nova makes a deal of sex in exchange for some clothes. Norah Nova gets invited to a boutique to try on some clothes. When the time comes to pay she gets offered a deal, clothes for a blowjob. On her knees little blonde Norah goes. This gets her pussy horny and when Carson offers to lick her pink box, she agrees and we get a good look at her pierced pussy and clit. He has a taste and sticks a finger in her tight hole. Carson waste no time and sticks his cock in her little pussy giving us a great view of her small frame. Norah taste her juices and gets fucked doggystyle. Still the little girl demands more and sits onto of Carson’s cock and rides a bit more giving us a great view of her little pierced pussy. Carson even offers her a deal….everything in the boutique in exchange for fucking his friend. What have your friends done for you lately?

Published: Mar 15, 2016

Tags: norah nova , pov , point of view , fuckingglasses , pierced nipples , pierced clit

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