Shay Fox fucks the nice neighbor who returns her package on Devils Film


Description: Shay’s neighbor returns her package which was delivered to him by accident, and as a thank you, she demonstrates the toys she got and fucks the dude. Shay’s neighbor is a nice guy. He got Shay’s package by mistake. So he comes over to drop it off. Shay is such a nice neighbor she decides to reward his niceness by giving him a demonstration of what was in the package, sex toys. Does the dude want to give her a helping hand? Well duh! He tries out the glass dildo on her pussy and Shay shows him how to do it right. Shay’s not mad, she’s horny, and now there’s a hard cock for her from a nice guy. What’s Shay going to do? Why suck and fuck it of course! Shay does the most neighborly of things and lets the guy have his way with her pussy and mouth, and even lets him titty fuck her.

Published: Mar 25, 2016

Tags: shay fox , devils film , big tits

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