Back Room Casting Couch presents Melody


Description: Melody is here today on the couch to pay off credit card debt. Should have spent some of that on some Proactive honey. She won’t admit to how much free fucking she’s done, so let’s just assume she’s a slut. Her grasp of what she might be doing on camera is cute, but we think she’s lying. She admits to doing a girl once, but again, we suspect she’s a lair. She does some of the worse masturbation ever - come on baby, it’s a porn audition, we want to see your fucking pussy, not your sides. If Melody think’s that type of sex performance is going to earn her $5000 she needs to lay off the pipe. At least she can swallow a cock all the way down her throat, so she’s not totally useless. Here’s a tip, if you say “ow” during anal, you probably shouldn’t be doing porn honey. We’re not calling her back.

Published: Apr 12, 2016

Tags: pov , point of view , interview , back room casting couch , melody

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