Blonde fucks toys outdoors on FTV Girls


Description: Tara gets kinky with toys outdoors. What do you do with a kinky young blonde who is open minded - why to give her toys to play with of course. Tara starts outside with an orange cone of all things and tries to see how it fits in her pussy. Apparently it’s a tight tiny pussy because she can’t get it very far in. Still got it in, though. So hot apparently Tara needs to cool down, so she gives the FTV Girl’s fans a nice show of some skin while dipping her toes in a fountain. Then Tara takes it to the levels of crazy that we love. She pulls out a lightsaber style dildo. Big, neon pink, and strong enough to knock out any Jedi, Tara squats outside, while traffic whizzes by, seeing how far she can get the Jedi dildo inside her. Again, it’s not very far, but she get’s the highest praise possible for trying such insane toys out, in public no less.

Published: Apr 26, 2016

Tags: kara , toys , public , outdoors , ftv girls

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