Neighbor lady obsessed with my big dick


Description: Ok so I have this neighbor who always comes over. She is middle aged I would say. Maybe a little bit MILF but not really that pretty. But one night when I was super horny I fucked this milf with my big cock. After that fucking, she became obsessed with me. It's cool, it's happened before. Girls just love the long cock you know. Problem here is this milf really isn't that pretty and she is horny as fuck every day so even though I don't really want to fuck her she is like a juggernaut that just keeps on comming, and nothing can stop her forward momentum. And at some point I just break down and fuck the lady so she will stop hassling me for like a few hours. She even went on a diet because I couldn't stop myself of telling her one time how much I was disgusted by fucking her fat ass. And the poor soul she tried her best to slim down, but she just could not take control of that mouth and all those tastebuds...literally thousands of tastebuds just screaming for yummy sweets and some salty nut of course. I know that I am just kind of rambling on but a vision of a desperate, over the hill woman with more rolls than a Belgian p√Ętisserie gobbling down your big cock like it's the ninth game of the world series is something hard to get out of your mind and long rambling walls of text are kind of cathartic so deal with it.

Published: May 4, 2016

Tags: big dick , amateur , milf , big cock

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