Worlds biggest dick


Description: Video of what has got to be the world's biggest dick. After watching this video I am still not sure what the fuck I saw. This guy has got the strangest fucking deformed gigantic dick and he is wacking it for somebody special. He also looks like he may be on some other varieties of hormone enhancing injectables but this is just speculation at this point. The point is what the fuck is he holding in his hands anyway. It's like someone with elephantiasis of the dick got some more elephantiasis on that same dick. I think at one point he does a self-suck but really after watching this video I am not sure my brain still works properly and I really don't know. If you watch this video closely, I am not sure this guy's giant dick is the strangest thing in this video. The look the guy gives the camera at one point is the strangest thing in this video even though he is holding a cock made of elephant hide at the time. And that is saying alot.

Published: May 4, 2016

Tags: big dick , big cock , monster cock

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