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Description: Hi everyone the Streetranger here with my latest hidden cam video. This video was filmed on a Saturday when I decided to go get myself a smoothie from my favorite shop, which is also conveniently located next to a public park where escorts like to find guys for fun. I drove by there a few times and spotted a cute latin girl who looks like she just came off the boat. I pulled up to her and asked if she was looking for a good time with a nice guy with a nice hard cock. She said yes and hopped into my 1984 Honda with the low restriction exhaust system. Once inside I pulled out my cock and she smiled with delight as she gave Mr. Snazzy (my cock's name) a few nice wacks, a shake, a thing I might refer to as a 'shimmy' and then popped Snazz right into her mouth. The blowjob was so good that I am pretty sure she has given one or two of them in her life before. I was about to ask her if she liked the taste of my man meat but then I realized that might cause her to stop sucking so I kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the feel of the suck and the sound of the slurping. After a while I decided it was probably time to get back to my flat and feed my pup Morris so I stop holding it and let loose a huge load of cum right into the back of her throat. She loved it and kept on sucking my cock and cleaning off all the warm cum. That was fun. I would go back and see her again, but probably won't since there is no pussy better than new pussy even if you are just getting a blowjob from the hottie.

Published: May 9, 2016

Tags: cumshot , public , cum , hidden cam , real

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