Tall chick Bryce fucked on the Back Room Casting Couch


Description: Bryce tries out getting fucked for porn. Bryce loves her body and we don’t love her voice. She’s had two relationships probably because of that voice. As someone who watches porn, the fact she doesn’t know what she might be doing in porn screams this is going to be an extremely short career path for her. At least she’s fucked a few chicks, right? Watching Bryce masturbate is like watching someone play around with Play-Doh. Bryce sucks cock with a loving enthusiasm that suggests that yes, Virgina, this girl really does love giving head. However when told to suck balls, she balks. Why the Back Room Casting Couch stud didn’t tell her to bounce the fuck out right then and there is beyond us. Maybe he didn’t want the blue balls or something. Our stud lubes up like crazy to get his cock in her ass. That look on Bryce’s face as unknown stud man slides in is hilarious. Welcome to Bryce’s short porn career, skanks for the memories slut.

Published: May 11, 2016

Tags: bryce , back room casting couch , casting

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