Vampire Lisa Ann fucks from ZZ Series


Description: Lisa Ann is a vampire who knows she wants big cock. Lisa Ann is getting revenge on an old vampire hunter flame of hers by fucking his great-great-great-grandson Johnny Sins or something like that. She hopes his dick can compare. Yup, big dick indeed for the lusty and busty vampire. We’re not so sure about letting a fanged vampire suck our dick, but Johnny was cool about. Then again, if all vampires were as hot as Lisa Ann we’d probably be creatures of the night too. Johnny uses his big cock to slay Lisa's vampiric lust by plunging his cock deep inside her. He even gets crazy brave and laps at her pussy before fucking her pussy more. We hope she didn’t bite too hard.

Published: May 13, 2016

Tags: role paly , brazzers , lisa ann , cosplay , pornstar , big cock , johnny sins , big tits

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