Angelica Raven on the POV Casting Couch


Description: Our unknown POV Casting Couch stud continues to lie to these ladies. Gorgeous might describe Angelica Raven’s body, but as soon as that mouth opens up, he’s proven a liar. Angelica tells us about herself and her uninteresting life. She got into porn at 18 and she loves it. Good for her - not so great for the guys she likes giving head to. She remained a virgin until her marriage at 18 (wonder how that went given this career - divorced). We don’t believe her two guys before porn, but certainly do believe it’s been a few since then. Angelica cops to fucking in a Church so looks like all that hard work sank into her was a waste. Good job toots. Watching Angelica give head we can understand why she’s divorced. Keep sucking more dick honey.

Published: May 13, 2016

Tags: pov , blow job , blow job video , point of view , pov casting couch , blowjob , blowjob video , angelica raven

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