Schoolgirl gets creampied by her teacher in classroom


Description: Redhead in schoolgirl uniform gave her teacher a lame excuse about why she's been getting late to class. She says that her locker has been stuck and that why she's been tardy. her teacher, Mr. Ginger, isn't buying her excuse. He questions why she can't to class on time by simply getting to her locker sooner. He also asks why has she been neglecting to do her homework for the past several months. For this she had no answer. The teacher wanted to discipline her actions by tying her hand behind her back and giving her a spanking with his whip. He then fucks her tight shaved pussy doggystyle until he was ready to fill her pussy with his cum for a creampie. Now that her teacher gave her a proper act of discipline, he think she'll do better in school or will she?

Published: May 18, 2016

Tags: amateur , teacher , creampie , schoolgirl , camster , uniform , webcam , class

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