Junkie fucks and sucks on Ghetto Confessions


Description: Lola is a 22-year-old pill popper, drinker, weed smoker, and former cocaine user. Shoulda kept on the white girl not named Wendy’s Lola. Lola talks about turning tricks for pills, but we think she demands a bag of fast food to go with it. Like give her Whataburger and you don’t need to give her as many zanny bars. Give her Mcdonalds, you’re paying a few zanny bars more for that pussy. Lola tells us the wonderful story about how she stopped doing coke - fucking with a cop while high on coke. Lola’s Harvard application clearly got lost in the mail. Lola’s stories about smoking weed in jail leave little faith in the rehabilitation aspects of serving time. Her sister is also in jail, for prostitution, and her time in jail for beating a girl from stealing a trick from her is, uh, to the point. Her frank admission of street life is straight out of a Scared Straight special. Our brave prostitute fucker on Ghetto Confessions gives no fucks and still gets his dick sucked and fucks the pussy raw.

Published: May 20, 2016

Tags: ghetto confessions , lola

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