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Description: Hi fans, Stan is back again with this week's authentic hidden cam video. As my current fans already know I am able to utilize my place of work to film lovely ladies in the buff doing things like changing clothes, getting waxed in their private areas and in the tanning sessions. In this video I rigged a Go Pro in the floor by the bottom of the tanning bed. The tanning bed is 'open' on the bottom so the camera is actually at her feet and zoomed in a little bit. This way it is impossible for the naked lady in the tanning bed to detect the hidden camera. I have probably hundreds of these videos but this one is particularly good since the girl is dancing to the music being played in the tanning bed and masturbating at the same time! This naked girl must be some kind of efficiency expert or something because she knows how to make the best of her time! I have to agree with her, it is boring just standing in a tanning bed so why not burn some calories by dancing and heck, why not give yourself a nice juicy orgasm why you are at it. Enjoy the video and don't forget to like my video and follow me so you know when I publish more videos. I try to get at least one new one up every week.

Published: May 22, 2016

Tags: tanning bed , hidden cam , voyeur

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