Back Room Casting Couch presents Brooke


Description: Blonde Brooke gets back into adult modeling at 30. Brooke doesn’t know how many people she’s slept with and shoots out the 30 plus number, so not super skanky, but then again, she’s on the casting couch. The unknown dude behind the camera calls her classy and that’s one of the better lies we’ve heard him tell to girls on the couch. Brooke’s masturbation is, in a word, methodical. She knows the move that gets her off and goes right to it. Her blowjob is pretty damn sexy admittedly. She seems to be enjoying more than most - she even admits it, and admits to liking the unknown dudes dick. Watching Brooke fuck is a little boring, but her facials are voice are great. Like serious we’re gonna go take a bathroom break and hope to not get caught good. Don’t even bother wearing pants before you start playing this video, they’ll be off before you know it. $5 says you don’t last before you get to the part where they reveal how much she creams.

Published: May 24, 2016

Tags: pov , point of view , brooke , back room casting couch , casting

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