Latina Watches Me Masturbate Publicly in My Car


Description: What a lovely day for a new flashing cock video, wouldn't you agree? Haha. So I was cruising around today and I spotted this sexy Latina with long brown hair. She was dressed pretty normal with tight jeans, a purple long sleeve shirt, athletic sneakers, and some fancy pink sunglasses. I think she was going out shopping or something. I pulled up alongside her and opened the conversation with the classic "I just lost my dog" line that all of these hot chicks fall for. She spotted my dick in my hand right away and exclaimed "Oh wow!" while taking off her sunglasses. She smiled nervously and kept staring at my dick while I stroked it, and she even gave me a compliment: "That's a nice dick." I asked her if she'd seen my handsome orange French Bulldog, Johnny. She apologized and said "no" but that she would let me know if she did. She tried to be helpful and told me about a nearby dog park that was around the corner; that maybe I would have some luck there. Her casual acceptance of this admittedly strange situation got me so turned on that I started hammering away at my cock more aggressively. She to walk away, but I called her back and asked her to keep watching--that it is what I like, I said. She called me out on my bullshit lost dog story and I had to come clean, but she wasn't even mad! She was totally down to entertain my sick fantasies and gave me the attention that I craved. She appeared to be enjoying herself almost as much I was, which was a nice surprise. She asked me if I do this often, and I told her yes. I should have also told her that I even have my own online video channel dedicated to this public masturbation fetish and that she was going to be starring in the latest episode! But, alas, I was too busy getting off to think clearly. She kept licking and smacking her lips in that way that all hot Hispanic women do, and it drove me wild. I came pretty fast and busted a nut all over myself. She seemed pretty satisfied with herself.

Published: May 31, 2016

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