Teen blonde Marsha is bound & brutally fucked in a van


Description: Marsha was kicked out of her taxi for not having enough money and she was already late for her flight. After walking for what felt like hours in the hot sun she saw a van and begged the driver for a ride. He agreed but he knew that this girl was too good to let go. Being desperate she lets him pull her big tits out of her shirt and then decides that he wants everything else she has. He parks the van on the side of the road and ties her hands together and makes her gag on his cock. Then he bends her over the van and fucks her hard and rough. She moans at how big his cock is and after getting tied to a wall begs him to fuck her harder. He whips her ass and her tits until they’re red and then he puts a ball gag in her mouth and puts a blindfold on her and pounds her even harder until he’s ready to cum all over her.

Published: Jun 1, 2016

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