Anal penetration with Krystal Boyd from Her Sex Debut


Description: Krystal Boyd gets her ass fucked. We can’t say for sure this is the first time Krystal Boyd has her ass fucked on camera, but she looks fantastic here doing it for the Her Sex Debut cameras. Krystal sucks an unknown stud to start things off while he gets her ass ready with a few fingers. Krystal is then ready for his studly cock, which he sinks into the blonde's butthole with ease. Krystal moans with pleasure as the stud proves himself to be a genetic jackhammer, relentlessly pounding away at her asshole in multiple positions. Krystal rides along and cums so many times we lost count.

Published: Jun 1, 2016

Tags: krystal boyd , anal , anal fingering , her sex debut

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