Valentina Nappi pays for lesbian sex with Teal Conrad


Description: Valentina just arrived from overseas on vacation and is visiting her friend. Her friend ’s sister Sally was tasked with making her feel at home and after Valentina was settled in they both sat down for a glass of wine. Sally had a great idea to go check out a club where they could pick up some hot guys. She expected a twinkle to appear in Valentina’s eye but to her surprise there was none to be had. It turns out Valentina isn’t into guys at all. Sally was at a loss, she had never met a lesbian before and didn’t know what she could do for her. Before flying over Valentina had done some research and had heard of a place called the Lamoyne Hotel that was exclusively for lesbian encounters. It received a lot of positive reviews so she figured it was worth checking out at least. Sally couldn’t help but give a small laugh. After all, Valentina’s not from around here so how could she know that the Lamoyne was in a bad part of town. Every time Sally has to drive through there she rolls up her windows and locks her car doors, and that’s during the day. However, Valentina didn’t have very many options and wanted to go anyway. She heard that there were lesbian prostitutes that you could pay for sex. Sally was reluctant at first but it was Valentina’s vacation so she gave her the address. When Valentina entered the hotel she found a pretty little number in lingerie at a pay phone in the hallway. They exchanged glances and Valentina knew this was the one she wanted. She introduced herself as Teal and she lead Valentina to one of the many rooms. Teal sits down on the bed and Valentina takes a seat next to her. Teal was taken aback when Valentina requested they make love. Teal was so used to rough, impersonal sex that she realized that making love is what she’s been missing. She would give everything she had to Valentina for fifty bucks. Once they’re on the bed, naked and pressed against each other, they go down on each other. While taking turns licking each other’s pussies, from

Published: Jun 2, 2016

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