Crack Hoe Nathena sucks, fucks, and smokes crack rock


Description: Nathena loves crack. Kicked out at 18 and smoking rock at the same time, Nathena has been on the hard life for a while and it shows on her face and in her mouth. Amazingly she has a sugar daddy with this look. Your hero and mine, Cracker Jack, let’s this fine human specimen suck his cock raw and even does the same fucking her pussy. Insert terrible AIDS joke here. To relax Nathena smokes a hit of rock, which apparently makes her want to suck cock again. You go Cracker Jack! PS - This is all a dramatic re-telling of a true story. The crack is just a prop. Don't sue us. Thank you kindly.

Published: Jun 3, 2016

Tags: crack , crack , interview , ghetto confessions , nathena , nathena

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