Cutie Ivy Laine shows off body before going to beach


Description: Ivy has plans to spend the day at the beach and is waiting for one of her friends to pick her up. When he arrives he’s surprised to see her in a dress and heels but she reveals her swimsuit underneath. Intrigued, her friend wonders what other swimsuits she has and Ivy loves to model so she was excited to put on a fashion show for him. Especially since he brought over his camera and was recording. He was looking forward to going to the beach and he did like the idea of a fashion show just for him but he figured they start with just getting her out of the outfit she was in first. She takes off the dress and is left in her swimsuit. She starts to put on a little dance to show off her ass and then her friend pulls her tits out and starts playing with her nipples. Then she puts her hands on the bathroom counter and arches her back. Ivy takes her swimsuit off and is now completely naked in heels and gives herself a couple of spanks, then sits on the counter and raises her legs in the air to show them off too. Her friend is one lucky guy.

Published: Jun 3, 2016

Tags: pov , bathroom , amateur , point of view , cumsluts , striptease , tanlines , ivy laine

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