Mindy Lynn makes herself cum in a public park


Description: It was Mindy’s day off and she wanted to show her fans what she’s usually up to when she’s not in front of the webcam performing for everyone. Like a typical teenage nerd she likes to read, draw, and paint. She listens to music and likes to hang out with her friends but being on the webcam is her biggest hobby and she’s a self professed attention whore that goes crazy at the thought of men all over the world masturbating to her. It was always a fantasy of hers that now she gets to live. She takes us to her favorite park and while walking with her we can’t help but try to sneak a peak at what she has under that skirt. Mindy is happy to oblige and lifts up her skirt to reveal a great teen ass and flashes us her tits as well. Getting carried away she regains her composure and Mindy leads us to her favorite spot. On the way we find a baseball diamond and we sit on the bleachers where Mindy starts putting her hands all over her body. Naughty things are supposed to happen on the bleachers right? She wonders if anybody has ever fucked underneath where she’s sitting. She pulls out her tits and squeezes them as she moans. Then she starts playing with her pussy and is getting so turned on knowing all her fans are watching her right now. She can’t believe she’s doing this in public and on her day off no less. Girls like her never like to take a day off. We arrive at her favorite spot and Mindy sits down and moves her panties to one side so we can see her play with her pussy. Then she pulls out her tits yet again and plays with her nipples with her other hand. She spreads her legs wide and starts rubbing her clit faster and faster until she cums. Then she goes for round two by taking off her skirt and panties completely to show her ass for the camera and makes herself cum for a second time. She really loves her fans.

Published: Jun 3, 2016

Tags: masturbate , mindy lynn , mindy lynn , public , solo , outdoors , teen , reality kings

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